1st Balkan Cross Country Cycling and Running Championship

1st Balkan Cross Country Cycling and Running Championship

13-14 May 2023
Kassandra Chalkidiki

Come, and share this amazing experience with us, in the land of ancient Giants!
In the ancient times, Hesiod (700 or 800 BC) refers to the myth of the birth of the Giants in his narrative poem Theogony. Phlegres is mentioned as the place of birth of Giants. Pindar calls Phlegras the field where the fight between the God of the Olympus and the  Giants took place.

Phlegres is mentioned as the birthplace of the Giants and the place of conflict between them and the olympians it is also the Ancient name of Pallini where the Crouseans, Thracians and allies of the Troyans  lived that Aeneas met on his way out of Troy. Therefore,  what we know from the sources about the Prehistoric phase of the peninsula, the period that the place was called Phlegra (period of Flegra), is the Gigantomachy, the Cruseans and the relations with Troy.

Timeline of the races:

Thursday 11 May 2023 – Arrival and gathering of athletes
Friday 12 May 2023 – Training day

Saturday 13 May 2023 – Mountain bike / cross country race
Start: 10:00 AM
Route 31km: The official route goes from the central square of the village Agia Paraskevi all the way to Kassandreia via mountain ridge. (09.00 am official fotos outside of SPA in loutra Agia Paraskevi)

Sunday 14 May 2023 : Trail run Race
Race: 5km
Start: 09:30 AM (from Kassandreia –around – Kassandreia)

Sunday 14 May 2023 : Trail run Race
Race: 10km Trail run Race
Start: 10:30 AM (from Kassandreia –around – Kassandreia)

Sunday 14 May 2023 : Trail run Race
Race: Half-marathon – 21km
Start: 10:00 AM
Route: All the athletes start from the central square of Chanioti village via provincial asphalt road till Polichrono village, where they will take the left turn and through the forest and trail paths will reach the finish line in the central square of Kassandreia.

Monday 15 May 2023 – Rest day
Depart of athletes 10:00 AM

Offers for stay and beverages:
For stay: 4 overnights + bus transport = 12.5 euro per night x4 nights=5 0 euro + transport = 109 euro per person
PROMO till 15/02 (99.00 euro per person)
With a special event card, they will have a Special Package of Offers for the Agia Paraskevi Thermal Baths (Swimming Pool 30 min + Hammam 15min + Sauna 15min Total Price : 10 Euro per person.)

All the athlets and their accompagnions will be given a special cart with 10% discount in friendly-to-race taverns and fast food shops in Kallithea and Chanioti.

Participation fees:
1. Both (Mountain bike race + Halfmarathon) = 50 euro per person
1. ONLY (Mountain bike race 31km) = 40 euro per person
2. ONLY (Half-marathon race 21km) = 40 euro per person
4. ONLY (Run race 5 km or 10 km) = 25 euro per person

Bank Account
Use the following bank account for your deposit:
IBAN – EUR: MK07280102000338038

Regulations :
The race is conducted under the terms and conditions of the Management and the Race Organizing Committee.
– All the athletes are allowed to participate as long as they can provide a medical certificate of good health
– The use of helmets is mandatory for all competitors.
– The organisations bear no responsibility for any tear or damage of sport equipment in case of accident..

All the interested athletes can apply ONLY at JK TRAVEL Our e-mail: info@JK TRAVEL
‘till the Friday 11April 2023, 20:00 pm when our platform will be officialy closed.

Our stands for all informations will be open at the start line at 08.00 pm and close 30 min before start any race.

Supply stands:
Dyring the Mountain bike race and Half-marathon Running , supply stands with water will be placed on every 3rd km and beverage stands on 6th km. At the finish line, another food stand with different kind of refreshments and goods will wait for our athletes.

Medals will be given down to 3rd place in each category ( male/female as long as the required number of competitors is 15 per race):

Privacy and legal terms:
Every participant ( athletes, coaches, companions, audience, volunteers or any person who is in any way related or engaged with the event) should be informed that by taking place in any of the races or in organisation in general, they agree to our safety and privacy terms and conditions. They agree that their names,all the official photos of any race,official results and finish line time as well as all the official videos will be used and shared in written or digital media- social networks in the way that the management of the event considers necessary.

All the events, all of the days will be supported by local police forces for safety reasons.